Ray's Auto Repair - Heating and Air Conditioning

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2001 College Ave
Quincy Illinois 62301

Heating and Air Conditioning

Let us help you keep cool in the summer and hot in the winter. We do complete A/C service. Repair Freon leaks. A/C compressors. Heater cores and Evaporators. Cooling system flushes. Air conditioning flushes. High pressure and low pressure lines. Give us a call with any questions.

We work on domestics and imports, trucks and vans. We do every type of automotive repair from simple oil changes, to engine rebuilds, alternators and starters to advanced computer diagnostics. Clutches, transmissions, axles to differentials, heating and air conditioning, tune ups, basic maintenance, factory scheduled maintenance. Electrical and electronics.

We are also into drag racing and do many high performance items related to racing, just call for more info.

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